Local Authority EHE Policy in England

This page began as a way of understanding how local authorities were changing their policies in response to the Portsmouth Judicial Review, but as I’ve started to look at how the different authorities approach assessing EHE provision and seen how different the approaches can be, I’ve developed a broader curiosity in this area so, over time, I’ll be looking at all of the local authorities.

I’ve also found it to be a great way to learn about the geography of our own country – so many local authorities covering places we’ve haven’t heard of before. A local authority’s EHE policy also seems reflective of its wider culture and approach to governing its area so is interesting in itself. Every day is a learning day around here!

The culture of a local authority is unlikely to change overnight. As can be seen from the policies below, the political leadership of a local authority doesn’t necessarily dictate its approach to EHE so it is unlikely to change overnight in response to changes in political oversight.

It is far more likely that a local authority’s approach to EHE stems from its general culture – extraordinary events aside, it is unlikely a local authority with a particular view of EHE, positive or negative, would willingly seek to employ officers who conflict with their culture so the position of local authorities are quite likely to be reasonably stable over time.

If your local authority have changed their policy and you would like that included, feel free to drop me a link via the contact page.

PC = Local authorities that apply psychological coercion to encourage conformity in educational choice i.e. The local authority literature leads with a variation of “Most parents send their children to school but some/a minority/a small number…” emphasising the “otherness” of home educators despite home education being a perfectly legitimate and legal educational choice.

PJR – Changed in response to the Portsmouth Judicial Review

Councils that are interesting to compare:

Central Bedfordshire (Conservative Controlled) PC PJR

East Sussex (Conservative Controlled)

Other councils:

Cumbria (No Overall Control) PC

Derbyshire (Conservative Controlled) PC

Kingston (Lib Dem Controlled) PC PJR

Lancashire (Conservative Controlled) PC

Manchester (Labour Controlled) PC

Nottinghamshire (Conservative Controlled)

Richmond (Lib Dem Controlled) PC PJR

Waltham Forest (Labour Controlled)

Westminster (Conservative Controlled) PC

West Sussex (Conservative Controlled) PC

Windsor & Maidenhead (Conservative Controlled) PC